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Implant Post-op: Features
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Note that the following instructions are general guidelines for all implant patients; you may have been given additional instructions specific to your situation either at your initial visit or at the time of surgery. Please follow all instructions.

You have just undergone a surgical procedure. Homecare is very important. Recovery may be delayed if neglected. Please observe the following instructions

  1. It is very important to keep your head elevated the remainder of the day. You can rest in a recliner or use 2 pillows.

  2. Bleeding:

    • Slight oozing is common during the first 24 hours.

    • Bite on the gauze firmly for 3 hours after surgery. This will control 97% of all oral bleeding.

    • Change gauze only if saturated. If you drink something within the first 3 hours, remove the gauze and replace it afterward.

    • If active bleeding persists after 3 hours, place a moist tea bag over the extraction site and bite down firmly and continuously for another 30 minutes. If bleeding remains uncontrolled, call our office.

  3. Swelling:

    • Swelling peaks between the 2nd and 4th day after surgery and may continue up to 3 weeks.

    • Apply ice packs to the outside of your face, 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. DO NOT use ice once 24 hours have passed. After 24 hours, apply warm moist towels to your face throughout the day and night for the next week.

  4. Diet:

    • Do not chew until all numbness resolves. Only drink cold fluids while still numb. Hot fluids will increase bleeding.

    • A soft diet is recommended for 1 to 2 weeks. This may include iced tea, casseroles, boiled vegetables and meats, Jell-O, pudding, yogurt, protein drinks (Ensure, Boost, Slim-Fast), and plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Do not skip meals.

    • Avoid all chips, nuts, and hard rice for 2 weeks, as these may injure the surgical site.

  5. Oral Hygiene:

    • In some cases, a plastic dressing may be placed over the area to protect it. Avoid playing with the dressing. It is expected that small pieces of the dressing will start to break off. Leave the remaining dressing in place.

    • Brush your teeth regularly, being careful not to irritate the surgical site. You may start brushing the evening of surgery. If implants are exposed (visible in mouth), brush them gently.

    • If you are given Peridex oral rinse, use this as directed starting the day after surgery.

Take all prescribed antibiotics and pain medications as directed.


  1. Straws

  2. Smoking. This will delay healing and increase pain.

  3. Hard food requiring extensive chewing.

  4. Over-the-counter mouth rinses such as Scope, Listerine, peroxide

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office, even if it is after hours or on the weekend.

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