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Pre-op Surgery Instructions: Features
  1. DO NOT eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery. DO not eat
    breakfast the morning of surgery. Medications may be taken with a few sips of
    water. Avoid alcoholic drinks the night before.

  2. Patients that are having sedation MUST NOT DRIVE TO OR FROM the surgical
    appointment and must be accompanied by an escort. When the patient is taken back by the surgical staff, the escort must remain in the waiting room during the surgical procedure to maintain sterility of the surgical environment. If the escort leaves our facility, a phone number where they may be reached should be left at the front desk.

  3. Patients should make arrangements to have a responsible adult present for the 8 hours following their surgery.

  4. On the day of surgery, patients should wear loose, comfortable clothing with short sleeves. Avoid wearing makeup, jewelry or nail polish. Tie all long hair away from the face. Please remove contact lenses before surgery and wear comfortable low heel/flat shoes for your safety (no slip-ons).

  5. Full payment is expected at the time of surgery. On the day of surgery, patients with insurance are expected to pay the portion of the fees not covered by insurance. Our office will file your claim as a courtesy for you. Should no insurance payment be received within 60 days, the patient is then responsible for the remaining balance.

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